Employment with Zahid Tractor


Zahid Tractor is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It offers prospective employees attractive salary and benefit packages, together with personal long-term career prospects, limited only by the individual's abilities.



Many of the positions in the company require a formal academic qualification. A prerequisite for any position is enthusiasm, drive, personal integrity and the will to succeed in the chosen profession.


Computer literacy plus relevant postgraduate experience gained in a specialist function, associated with one of the franchises represented by the company, is an essential requirement for the successful applicant.


Career development, designed to individual needs, is a keystone in the company's policy. In Zahid Tractor, the phrase "people are our most important asset" is more than a buzzword - it is a major part of the company's philosophy.


The company is ISO9001-accredited. It manages its quality program by means of a state-of-the-art Electronic Quality System. The system is transparent and on line across the Kingdom. It gives managers immediate access to information, and a world-class electronic communication network.


Zahid Tractor has four training centers, staffed by qualified managers and trainers, who ensure that each individual receives appropriate training to keep his skills up-to-date.


The company would be pleased to hear from prospective candidates, who meet its requirements, and would like to pursue a long-term career in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To apply for a position, click on this link to fill a form and attach your CV