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Zahid: Renault




The association of Zahid Tractor and French Trucks maker Renault began since mid of 2004. The strength of this association lies in Zahid Tractors, being one of the oldest business houses in the Trucks Industry of Saudi Arabia and Renaultís reputation backed by more than 100 years of experience in the field of trucks manufacturing.


Zahid Tractor is the sole representative of Renault Trucks in Saudi Arabia. The company continued to invest heavily in facilities and people to maintain its leadership position in the Saudi market and to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Strong belief in the Renault brand has led the company to invest heavily in different areas, to achieve the mutually agreed targets. This includes ensuring that all Renault developmental procedures and processes are implemented throughout the dealership network, aided by extensive employee training.


Zahid Tractor, as an exclusive distributor of Renault Trucks in the Kingdom, has set a carefully defined marketing plan, to revitalize the Renault Trucks brand and to establish it as one of the major players in the Saudi Arabian Trucks market in the next 3 to 5 years.


Renault Trucks is engaged in an ongoing development process to consolidate its position as one of worldwide leaders in trucks business.


Zahid Tractor is confident that the future holds a lot of promise for Renault trucks in the Kingdom.