Cat Magazine - Issue 2 2016

Cat Magazine - Issue 2 2016


The business environment for today’s construction companies of every type is very different from even just a few years ago. Customers are now focused on efficiency more than ever. Controlling costs and maintaining cash flow is critical for success.

Products like Cat equipment and machines do make a difference by reducing fuel costs and increasing productivity. However, there are several other factors that affect customers’ bottom line, such as operator techniques and technician training. Each has a major impact on key success factors. This is why we are constantly refining and retooling our machines and providing on-going training for Caterpillar technicians, dealers and other Caterpillar employees – as we will continue to do.

That kind of customer-focused commitment can be found throughout this issue of Cat Magazine. First, we have several new product introductions on a range of equipment that is designed to help our customers to succeed in this current environment and for years to come.

Also featured is an in-depth article about how technology is enabling customers to drive and take advantage of greater efficiencies. You’ll learn how the opening of a new training center in Dubai is strengthening levitra pills aftermarket support in the African and Middle East region. And, you’ll read about an important program in Africa that provides free technical training through e-learning.

If we have one focus, it’s making sure our customers are more successful when they use our equipment and services than when they use any other manufacturers. This issue proves that we are truly focused on that goal.

Hamid Lavassani,

GCI EAME Sales & Marketing General Manager