Cat Magazine - Issue 2 2013

Cat Magazine - Issue 2 2013



Customers rely on Caterpillar and our dealer partners every day for solutions to the challenges they face. Regardless of location, form the Arctic to Mozambique, our customers trust that these partnerships have the capabilities to help them succeed, often in the most challenging situations. This trust has helped produce many innovations throughout our history. This edition of Cat Magazine highlights several of the latest that we are excited to introduce to you.


As I look forward, I see the demand for innovation growing stronger in EAME. Technology is driving change at a fast pace in every industry we serve. I call it "21 st Century Distribution" and I have confidence in hwo the Cat team is responding. In future editions of Cat Magazine, I look forward to sharing more pioneering products and services that are being created to help our customers succeed in this new world.


In the meantime, my thanks to you all for your partnership and dedication. I wish you every success for the rest of 2013


Nigel Lewis,

Vice President, Caterpillar