Cat Magazine - Issue 3 2013

Cat Magazine - Issue 3 2013



If I could sum up this issue of Cat Magazine in one word, it would be unprecedented. From Antarctic exploration to autonomous machine operation and the only hybrid excavator in its class, the stories on the following pages are nothing short of remarkable.


However, one remarkable story not featured in this issue, but that is still worth mentioning, is the Caterpillar sponsorship with OCEARCH. OCEARCH is a world leader in shark research, particularly great white sharks. Their innovative methods and dedication have captured groundbreaking information on shark biology, health and migration. The world is beginning to understand some of the longstanding mysteries of these “lions of the ocean”.


Finding answers to tough questions using the latest technology is exactly the type of challenge we like to be part of and we are delighted to help make their important research and sustainability studies possible. And, I am proud to say that Cat equipment helps drive and power the team’s 38-meter-long vessel.


I’ve been lucky enough to get a sneak preview of all this issue’s stories. Our feature article details how Cat equipment is helping the largest environmental solutions provider in the Gulf Cooperation Council, Middle East and North Africa regions. We take a look at how three 775G are proving their worth at a quartzite quarry in remote, northern Norway. And,  we take an inside look at the new Caterpillar Middle East Distribution Center. As they would say in Antarctica, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I hope you enjoy reading this third issue of 2013 as much as I did.



Nigel Lewis,

Vice President, Caterpillar