Cat Magazine - Issue 1 2014

Cat Magazine - Issue 1 2014



Looking through this first issue of Cat® Magazine for 2014, I am thrilled at the diversity of topics. From new product introductions to technology, work tools, service and parts, there are solutions that meet the needs of our diverse customer portfolio and their specific business requirements. It’s a testament to our wide range of offerings and demonstrates how Caterpillar and Cat Dealers are full solutions providers that meet continually evolving customer needs.


Our main story takes us to developing Morocco where Cat equipment is helping build 20 kilometers of a 143-kilometer highway. We also present you with several new product introductions, including the K Series small wheel loaders, the C Series articulated trucks and D2 Series excavators.


And, when it comes to customer solutions, there are plenty of interesting articles that complement our extensive product line. You’ll learn how Cat Reman is saving customers money and increasing up-time by providing like-new re-manufactured parts. We’ll take you inside the advanced technology being used to increase connections with customers for fleet management and cost control. And, we’ll fill you in on how the new Cat E Series hammers are making work easy for a Belgian customer in Gent. You’ll even get a look at the new Cat smartphone, the Cat B15.


In addition, I am impressed with the extent to which the Cat Dealer network is able to serve our customers. We have a remarkable range of construction products and solutions for the EAME markets. And although global in scale, it is still a tight-knit and integrated network in which the dedication to speed and quality service is second to none. For a large, international company like ours, this is not an easy task. Let me offer a sincere thank you to everyone who makes the Cat Dealer network the model by which others are measured.


Nigel Lewis,

Vice President, Caterpillar