Cat Magazine - Issue 2 2015

Cat Magazine - Issue 2 2015



As a company, we often talk about the importance of innovation and sustainability. But at Caterpillar, these are more than just the fashionable topics of the day. They are part of our Code of Conduct, our values at Caterpillar and we strive to integrate both into everything we do. In a lot of ways, these goals are consistent with what has guided us for many years: providing market leading solutions that enable our customers to be more efficient, more productive with significantly reduced environmental impact.


Companies that embrace sustainability and innovation are on track for success well into the future. A recent example that comes to mind is the announcement of our partnership with Uptake, an innovative company that develops predictive machine diagnostics. Together, we’ll build the next generation of Caterpillar technology services and products so our customers can monitor and optimize their fleets more effectively.


And, when it comes to sustainability, this second issue of Cat Magazine for 2015 shows how we’re providing amazingly effective solutions to our customers that lead to success. Our main story focuses on sustainable practices in Bulgaria, where the creation of ten voluntary mining standards is changing how people think about the industry. You’ll also learn how mobile hose assembly workshops are making repairs faster and easier while increasing up time.


I hope you enjoy reading this issue of Cat Magazine as much as I did. It’s a privilege to preview stories like these and gain more insight about the incredible work we do at Caterpillar for our customers.


Nigel Lewis,

Vice President, Caterpillar