Cat Magazine - Issue 3 2016

Cat Magazine - Issue 3 2016


After previewing this third issue of Cat Magazine for 2016, I am truly proud of our accomplishments and the direction we are taking for future success. 

Highlighting that direction is our efforts to make Cat equipment, and our customers, smarter and more efficient.

We have been focused on being a technology leader for decades, but now is the time to accelerate those efforts in the age of what we call “smart iron”. Proof of the strides 

we have already taken can be seen in the story that reviews our display at bauma 2016 and the types of integrated technology and solutions in our machines.

Peter Drucker, a legendary writer, professor and management consultant, once said, “Quality in a product or service is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.” This issue also highlights the Çobanlar Group. 

This family company in Turkey concentrates on the marble quarry industry and is fifinding great success with our equipment and Borusan services. 

Also, be sure to read how Zahid Tractor is re-defining the customer experience and engaging with their customers for success. And, in our Spotlights section, you’ll see how Caterpillar is raising awareness and helping people with inadequate access to clean water. 

This issue of Cat Magazine is an excellent example of how we are continuing to merge technology into our equipment that contributes to our customers’ success, while never losing the essential human connection that sets the Caterpillar brand apart from others in the industry. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I did. 

Hamid Lavassani,

GCI EAME Sales & Marketing General Manager