Finally – a Volvo that isn’t afraid of getting dirty

If you never previously wanted to drive your Volvo into a quarry, it’s time to think again. The Volvo FMX is unique – it’s a Volvo specially designed for heavy construction duties. A truck that tackles heavy loads with ease, shrugs off poor terrain and steep gradients. Quite simply, it’s a truck that enjoys the rough life.

Volvo’s world-famous driveline is a particularly good friend in demanding terrain. The chassis range is immensely versatile, which among many advantages makes things easier for the bodybuilder. And the cabs are every bit as comfortable and safe as you’d expect from a Volvo.

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The Volvo FMX has an entirely new front, tailored for the rough-and-tumble of construction operations. Together with features such as 570-litre steel fuel tanks, specially developed rear-view mirrors, new work-lights and a new air intake, the end result is a Volvo FMX that is a true specialist in the quarry – a productive partner that forms the foundation for many years of profitable construction operation.

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