Terex Rough Terrain

Terex Rough Terrain


Go off the road with confidence with Terex rough terrain cranes. With excellent ground clearance and up to four steering modes, positioning these cranes in even the most rugged terrain is not a problem. Add to their flexibility, their durable construction and low cost of ownership, and you can see why Terex rough terrain cranes are an easy choice for day-in-and-day-out lifting.


Whether you maintain drilling rigs, construct steel superstructure for a hospital, offload rail for a transportation expansion project or move mining equipment, you need a crane that can do the work and also get to the jobsite. A Terex rough terrain crane will provide the solution you need.

Terex rough terrain cranes travel over the harshest terrain with ease. All are designed with excellent ground clearance and incorporate up to four steering modes to clear obstructions and maneuver in the most restricted jobsite conditions.

Engine power and hydraulic output is matched to deliver quick boom speed and smooth, controlled lift. Terex quality is designed to maximize uptime and product value.


Terex rough terrain cranes expand your options:

- High-strength steels are tested to withstand extreme temperatures
- Rugged axles and machine superstructures withstand mud, snow and similar challenging environments
- Engine power and high-traction efficiency provide excellent gradeability
- The cab can be fitted with heating and air conditioning to provide outstanding operator comfort


Built to work job after job

The more hours your crane stays in service, the better your profit potential. Terex rough terrain cranes feature rugged, job-proven engineering combined with the best components available, all assembled by a highly trained, world-class workforce for peace-of-mind reliability.

- Quality manufacturing for long service life
- Easy access to filters and other maintenance points allows for easy daily maintenance
- World-class design supported by world-class suppliers
- Fully supported by Terex worldwide parts and service


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Max Capacity
Max Main Boom Length
Max Tip Height
RT 35-1
39 USt
98 ft
125 ft
RT 1045
50 USt
102 ft
156 ft
RT 1045L
49 USt
123 ft
157 ft
RT 1070
77 USt
106 ft
180.4 ft
80 USt
138 ft
148 ft
RT 1080
88 USt
111.5 ft
193.6 ft
RT 1080L
88 USt
137 ft
193.6 ft
RT 90
99 USt
154 ft
217 ft
RT 100US
100 USt
154 ft
217 ft
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