Environment, Health, Safety
and Business Continuity Policy


Zahid Tractor and Heavy Machinery Company Limited (Zahid Tractor) is committed to excellence inclusive of Environment, Health, Safety and Business Continuity matters. This will be achieved by instilling in its Business Culture the highest Environment, Health, Safety and Business Continuity standards, best practices and awareness as well as complying with all applicable legal and other requirements to prevent polluting the environment, work injuries, ill-health and disruption to business. The Integrated Management System for Environment, Health, Safety and Business Continuity (IMS-EHS BC) defines the fundamental requirements for the management of the environment, Health, safety and Business Continuity in Zahid Tractor.

In relation to Business Continuity, Zahid Tractor has identified various threats and the potential business impact such threats may have on Zahid Tractor’s operations. Planning for and focusing its response to incidents and business disruptions will be an ongoing process with a view to ensuring that in the face of any business disruption, operations can continue at acceptable predefined levels in serving their customers and delivering on their commitments.


This policy is applicable at all Zahid Tractor facilities.


Zahid Tractor is committed to achieving the highest industry standards of Environment, Health, Safety and Business Continuity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Zahid Tractor is committed to minimizing the impacts of its operations on the environment by adopting sustainable practices in managing natural and synthetic resources in order to reduce pollution, and maintain a healthy environment.

Zahid Tractor will endeavor to prevent any incident that may result in injury, ill-health, damage to property, the environment or business disruption by working towards the elimination of hazards, minimizing the risks, and preventing wastage of natural resources. To realize this objective Zahid Tractor is committed to making available adequate and appropriate resources to implement best practices in Environment, Health, Safety and Business Continuity management efficiently and effectively.

Zahid Tractor Directors, Managers, Supervisors, EHS coordinators and employees have a responsibility for ensuring that all operations are carried out as per the IMS-EHS BC requirements within their own Divisions or places of work, and all business decisions are taken with proper consideration for environment, Health, safety, and Business Continuity implications. Zahid Tractor IMS-EHS BC policies and procedures will be developed, revised and updated in consultation with and the participation of employees.

Zahid Tractor management will set annual EHS objectives for the EHS Department and operations with the aim of continual improvement of the IMS-EHS BC. The IMS-EHS BC objectives will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

Employees must adhere to company IMS-EHS BC Policies and Procedures and must not engage in high-risk activities that may negatively affect their safety, the safety of others, Zahid or third party property or the environment. Breaches of the IMS-EHS BC may result in disciplinary action.

All employees are authorized (and encouraged) to stop any work that does not comply with Environment, Health, Safety and Business Continuity requirements outlined in the IMS-EHS BC manual.

Divisional Directors / Regional Managers with their respective EHS Coordinators and employees in cooperation with EHS Department are responsible for reporting and investigating all incidents related to personal injury, property damage, near-misses, pollution or non-conformance. Where necessary, they will be assisted by the Legal and Administration departments in the company.

Hazardous material will be disposed of in compliance with the applicable laws. The EHS Department will provide guidance in relation to the proper disposal of hazardous material.

Zahid Tractor will develop effective responses to potential incidents and disruptions which cannot be entirely prevented, designed to safeguard the interest of stakeholders, reputation, brand and value-creating activities. Zahid Tractor will consider all necessary legal and regulatory requirements and shall implement processes to maintain compliance and the continuity of operations.

Zahid Tractor will strive to meet customers’ needs and resume regular business operations in a timely manner in the event of a significant business disruption with a view to ensuring that business objectives can be met.

Regular testing will be undertaken, knowledge development encouraged, and awareness programs launched and mandated as required to ensure that staff are familiar with the Business Continuity framework.

The EHS Department shall implement a program of systematic audit and review of IMS-EHS BC compliance across the organization and shall periodically review the performance of IMS-EHS BC with Company management.

In its journey towards excellence, Zahid Tractor is committed to continual improvement of the IMS-EHS BC by regularly monitoring and driving continual improvement of EHS and BC performance. Zahid Tractor’s IMS-EHS BC Policy will be reviewed regularly and revised in light of any legislative changes and/or needs of the organization.