The New Range Of Volvo Trucks, Assembled In Saudi Arabia

Nasser Bayram, Zahid Group President – Transport announced, ”The new range of Volvo Trucks is assembled within the Kingdom, on a state-of-the-art assembly line in the King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC). Zahid Tractor Commercial Vehicles Division, a Zahid Group Company, has been the exclusive distributor of Volvo Trucks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 41 years. Zahid Group and Volvo Trucks’ established a joint venture “Arabian Vehicles and Trucks Industries” (AVI) in 1998 where Volvo Trucks are assembled by Saudi Arabian hands.” Nasser added, “Together Zahid Group and Volvo Trucks are working to help achieve the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision2030. Whether it be via our commitment to developing Saudi Arabian talent, our investment in industry or in playing our part in participating in the enhancement of the Kingdom’s non-oil and gas economic sector; the Kingdom’s future is our future.”

The new range of Volvo Trucks was officially launched at the AVI facility in KAEC. Given the stringent healthy and safety standards maintained at the facility and considering the COVID-19 mandates set by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the launch event was conducted virtually with representatives from Zahid Tractor Commercial Vehicles Division, Volvo Trucks and Arabian Vehicles and Truck Industries introducing the new range of Volvo Trucks and their features that include:

· A new cab, offering more space and improved visibility – Volvo FM and Volvo FMX

· A new driver interface

· Enhanced safety systems to help avoid accidents

· Efficient engines and alternative drivelines

The assembly of the first trucks from the new range was also captured for viewers to see. “We are proud that many Saudi Arabian women and men are efficiently working on the assembly line,” explained Nasser. He added, “Committed to excellence and working efficiently, we are confident that the new range of Volvo Trucks assembled here in Saudi Arabia will meet our customers’ demands for tomorrow.”